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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – End of national restrictions 19/7/2021


Clinic Covid-19 update 19/7/21 – the clinic is open for physiotherapy and complimentary therapies.


Despite the latest changes to government regulations, we have been advised by our registering bodies that due to the continuing rise in cases and prevalence of covid-19, we should continue to operate the clinic under “covid secure” conditions. These health protocols are designed to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus, however it is important to realise that no visit to any clinic can be completely risk free. and while these working methods minimise risk, it does affect the amount of appointments we are able to offer at present.


We are able to offer face to face treatments for patients considered as being not clinically vulnerable to covid-19, and that have conditions that are unlikely to respond to remote management. However, as the amount of coronavirus cases continues to rise across the country, the need for treatment needs to be balanced against any possible risks involved.  Therefore, before any treatment, we will continue to undertake a “covid screening” and risk assessment to ensure safety, as best we can, for both patients and practitioners.


In practical terms our practitioners will continue to wear full PPE, and will carry out full sanitising of the clinic areas between appointments. We also request our patients to continue to wear face masks whilst in the clinic, unless exempt under the previous regulations.


If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Stay safe everyone, Glen & Tanya

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